Labradoodle Puppies our Love Bug!

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am completely smitten with this sweet boy! Every week we update our website: with new pictures of our sweet growing puppies as they continue to get cuter by the day! This morning I picked up Mr. Cream/Caramel and asked my photographer (Taffi Grace) to take some photos for me. I… Continue reading Labradoodle Puppies our Love Bug!

Cute Labradoodles

These two black nosed adorable Australian Labradoodle puppies  are are quite the Shenanigans! There’s no BUDDY like a brother. Who needs Superheros when you have a brother. Ain’t no hood like brotherhood. BROTHERS are PLAYMATES in the beginning and best friends for life. Of all the toys I have to play, I’d choose my Brother… Continue reading Cute Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Meet Mr. Sully named after Sully from  the ‘Monters Inc.’ Movie “Sully” Ready or not, hear I come! Sully is a cuddle bug!  He is as sweet as they come! Sully turned 8 weeks old today! If you like the  “Sully” character from Monsters Inc.  You will love our Sully boy! 360.581.5883

Labradoodle Puppy

Wookie Wookie ! Chewbacca and Chewie.  We think there is just a little resemblance. Bring home the friendliest and most protective Wookie in the universe with this fluffy Chewbacca puppy. This cutelabradoodle is waiting to be your Wookie.  

Cute Labradoodles Dream about Bacon

      I’m sure this little guy is dreaming about eating Bacon for days! Not a worry in the World. Make your dream come true.  Adopt a cute labradoodle puppy and treat him to some bacon!    


      Mr. Cute Labradoodles stands by his Seahawks everyday all day! 12th Man puppy Fan! Mr. Cutelabradoodle can be your fur~ever loyal fun friendly cuddle and watch the Seahawks buddy everyday all day! Contact: [email protected]

Happy National Dog Day! Labradoodle Puppies

And then there were 8 Labradoodle puppies!  Just like that! Miss Kylee is a proud mama! What a beautiful rainbow of colors! Chocolate, blacks, creams, caramel and red! My oh my!  I can’t even with these adorable  Labradoodle puppies! So soft and oh their puppy breath, their sweet little puppy grunts! They just have a… Continue reading Happy National Dog Day! Labradoodle Puppies