cute labradoodles

These adorable, cute labradoodles  are getting lots of lovin and hug’s from their  little human’s as they prepare for their big debuts! They sure didn’t lack love and attention! This week is time to say goodbye.  This  my friends, is not easy! We always know this day is coming, but it is never easy to… Continue reading cute labradoodles


The Poky Little Puppy~ Poky Poky Poky Poke Where’s Poky? Poky Poky Poky Poke Where’s that Poky little puppy? He just Pokes along, he looks at the trees, he looks at the frogs, and he looks at the bees, with a smile on his face he says, “haste makes waste  you have to stop  look and… Continue reading Labradoodle

Labradoodle Puppy

There was a Doodle All in the grass The prettiest Doodle That you ever did see And from that Doodle There was a Puppy The prettiest Puppy That you ever did see Yes, the green grass grows all around, all around The green grass grows all around!   The prettiest Labradoodle that you will ever… Continue reading Labradoodle Puppy


I Love Puppy Breath~it smells like Happiness! Our sweet Labradodles are preparing to ‘see’ the Light! We wait patiently with great anticipation to look into the eyes of these adorable puppies! Any day now!  And one by one they will open their eyes. They’re cute little ears will open and they enter a whole new world!… Continue reading Labradoodles

Valentines Day Labradoodles

WON’T CHEW BE MINE?! ~I “ruff” You~ ~Best Furiends~ ~Smoochies~ ~Puppy Luv~ ~Pawsome~ ~I Dig You~ ~Fur-ever Love!~ ~All You Need Is LOVE And a Labradoodle~ Contact Denise@ 360.581.5883    

Labradoodles One Week Old And Cute!

We have a sweet brown sheep in our family of Australian Labradoodles. They just keep getting sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. We keep falling in love with them over and over again. We have cream labradoodles.  Caramel labradoodles and our specialty chocolate labradoodle. Medium size with beautiful wavy curly fleece coats. Warning,… Continue reading Labradoodles One Week Old And Cute!