Cute Labradoodle Puppies

Look at this sweet face!

This little guy is adorable!

He can make a place in your heart and in your home too!

He is a caramel color with an incredibly soft wavy fleece coat, cuddly as a teddy bear! With the cutest black button nose, he is not only smart, jolly, sweet and all, he’s handsome to boot! Whilst he is a cute little puppy at the minute, we advise anyone considering purchasing a puppy to debate whether or not they have the time to actually care for a dog. Dogs are great pets, but they can be hard work, so it’s important that owners have the ability to care for them. For example, do you have a nice backyard for the dog to play and do his business? Do you also have time to regularly clean the garden? If not, then there are always companies that offer a dog poop cleanup service. That could be useful. However, it’s important that owners have the ability to care for the dog properly.

This puppy is also nonshedding allergy-friendly, making him the perfect addition to any home.

We have several cute labradoodle puppies from mama ‘Kylee’ litters in homes being used as service and therapy dogs. So if you have been looking for a puppy then this may be right up your street, however, you can pop over to this site to view other types of puppies like Pitbulls if you want to check out some other beautiful bundles that will make a great addition to your home. Whatever breed of dog you choose, it’s important that you’re prepared for your new addition. Puppies will need a lot of things, like water bowls and beds, so it’s important to have all of the essentials before you purchase your puppy. You could consider visiting Kohl’s department store for pet essentials, where you could use some Kohl’s coupons to save money at checkout. Puppies can be expensive, so discounts will be good.

We begin deworming our puppies at 4 weeks of age. Your puppy will have his first age-appropriate vaccinations and will be microchipped at 8 weeks of age. He will have a puppy well health check-up before he leaves for his furever home!

If your heart so desires you can contact Denise @ 360.581.5883

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