Greetings from Our Family to Yours

Welcome from our family to you!  
We believe that Jesus is the son of God and that he came to save you and me.  
We are a family that trusts the bible as God’s infallible word.
We believe that to truly live in this life we must allow Him to live through us.

cutelabradoodle.com Family photo
Lots of hands to love cutelabradoodles puppies!

My beautiful wife of 33 years is Denise and she is the mother of all 9 of our children.  She became enamored with this breed after my oldest daughter Tara introduced her to this “new” breed of dog.  The cuddly comical Australian Labradoodle was captivating from first sight.   The multigenerational Australian Labradoodle really delighted her after she saw a news special featuring an Australian Labradoodle that had been trained as a “Diabetic Alert Dog”(DAD).  

Two of our children, Piper and Hutton, are type 1 diabetics and as such are dependent on insulin infusion therapy to maintain healthy lives.  Our first Australian Labradoodle, Kylee, is certified as a “DAD”.  We are progressing with her therapy dog training and look forward to helping other families that are dealing with the traumatic rigors of monitoring a young child with Type 1 diabetes. Our Authentic Australian Labradoodle, Kylee has alerted on occasions when my children have experienced low blood sugars.  One occasion that stands out in my mind is when Kylee was sleeping in the hallway between my diabetic son and daughter’s bedrooms.  She began barking frantically and whining uncharacteristically.  She typically would sleep through the night and not let out a peep through the night. Kylee has the sweetest personality and is in tune with every member of this family but is especially aware of Piper and Hutton’s plight for good blood sugars.  We awoke and tested them to find both of our diabetic children were having dangerously low blood sugars.

Our 2nd child, Paige is the mother of 5 of our grandchildren that come for frequent visits to Mammy and Pappy’s house. Kylee is perfectly able to be as playful as the toddlers desire or a sleeping companion with baby Hazel.