Labradoodle Puppies our Love Bug!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am completely smitten with this sweet boy!

Every week we update our website:

with new pictures of our sweet growing puppies as they continue to get cuter by the day!

This morning I picked up Mr. Cream/Caramel and asked my photographer (Taffi Grace) to take some photos for me.

I am not making up a story tale.

Mr. Love Bug was all hugs and snuggles!  He would put his sweet nose right into my shoulder and wrap his little arms around my neck!  And snuggle!  We were full of laughs and lots of awes!

I would again attempt to stretch my arms out in front of me as I am holding Mr. Love Bug all to have him snuggle and hug right back at me!

I had to  turn around with my back to the camera for my photographer to get a picture of our  Love Bugs sweet face!

He is a keeper indeed!

We have two puppies available from our Kylee and our Sauvies two litters.