Labradoodle Puppies potty training

I wanted to take a minute to share with you all and brag on my sweet 4 week old doodles.

Yes, this is a puppy litter pan you see in the puppies pen.

And yes, if you look close enough you will see several poo piles.

Sorry for the unpleasant topic.  I think it is so important to begin training at this young age, even though they are still weeble wobbles with their little paws, they find their litter pan and make this their designated potty area.

I begin introducing my puppies to the litter pan at 3 weeks of age.

By the time they reach 4 weeks old, all of the puppies are putting their poo in the litter pan and beginning to learn to pee in it as well.

This is my first step in my potty training.

I use a puppy litter called ‘SoPhresh’ it is basically tiny rolled up newspaper pellets.

We have one boy and one girl available in this Sauvie and Jupiter litter.

These puppies are very smart and have beautiful wavy fleece coats!



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