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Our Cuddly Girl Kylee

West Coast N Country Charm Kylee ALCA -190-09192011-001-B ALAA – 040590


Kylee and her Adorable Chocolate Fleece Coat…such a Cuddly Dog

Kylee was a hard find but well worth the effort.  We were looking for a personable, intuitive and cuddly dog that might serve as a service/therapy dog. The Australian Labradoodle looked as though it might serve our needs for a service dog.  We looked at lot of breeders and found West Coast Labradoodles and Country Charm had just what we were looking for. Kylee was observed from birth and selected as a prospective service/therapy dog.  “West Coast Kylee has Charm”, aka Kylee, has proven to be intuitive and personable as was anticipated.  Kylee’s temperament was professionally evaluated prior to our purchasing her. The independent professional dog trainer and found this cuddly dog to be a great fit for our needs. Thank you and much appreciation for all the help of Kylee’s breeders:  Elizabeth and AnnMarie for your excellent breeding program!  Kylee has recieved obedience training and (DAD) Diabetic Alert Dog training. She has alerted on occasions of low blood sugars with our two-Type 1 diabetic children.
Kylee is the perfect fit with a super intuitive disposition and a desire to learn and please that is unsurpassed.  She fits in well at our home whether cuddling with the kids or playing outside with the balls…she is active when prompted or refrained when needed, our eight and 10 year old daughters have trained Kylee to do just about every little doggy trick you can imagine and more!  Roll over, spin, lay down, jump through the hula hoop, crawl, she even puts her arm aroung you on comand (so precious!), go to her bed, leap, wait, sit, shake, high five, bump, guess what hand, she is very polite and will always ask permission before going out the door and is very patient as we put her leash on, of course her scent of low blood sugars, AND her poop doesn’t stink!  Just kidding!  ;0) must I go on? ( Hee Hee) Yes we are a proud family of our smart Kylee….and on top of all that she is our cuddly “teddy bear” dog. She has the most adorable wavy chocolate fleece that doesn’t shed.  One time while waiting in line at IKEA she lie down next to us and some people wanted to know where we got the beautiful rug…seriously! They were very surprised when the rug morphed into a cuddly dog and moved! Ha Ha! It was sooo funny.  We have had strangers stop us and ask if they can take a picture of her.  :0)

Kylee is a small-standard standing about 21 inches at the shoulders and weighs about 45 pounds. IMG_0373                                                                                Our sweet Libbi Jo and Kylee are best friends forever more! 

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 Our Sweet Girl Sauvie


Schafer Meadow’s N Country Charlie Brown ALCA-19001152015004L- ALAA-048027

Schafer Meadows Charlie’s Angel “Sauvie”

Sauvie and her Adorable chocolate fleece coat… such a Sweet Dog